Mike Hawkins


By Tom King

Mike Hawkins
The first time I heard the name Mike Hawkins was when I was on UFOAZ talks with Ted Loman, Peggy Kane, and Jim Nichols. Ted was showing a montage of UFO material sent to him and during one of the segments some pictures and videos from Mike Hawkins were among them.

As the segment with Mike Hawkins material was about to be aired Ted Loman says "The next part of the video footage that we have came to us thru a gentleman that was here on the show about a year ago. Mr Ferris. He had done some work along with Jose Escamilia and the taping out there at Roswell. The rods and different things. So he gave me part of this videotape. I don't know about what your're going to see is actual or its been hoaxed! We've haven't had a chance to check it out. I'm going give some of this footage so you can put it into the computer and find out whether or not if its transposed."

A quick montage of video and still images played while we talked over the footage. A majority of the stuff was simply hard to believe.

When I saw this on the monitor I said "It looks like the pod R2D2 and C3PO ejected out of in the begining Star Wars. Because I had one of those toys as a little kid when the movie came out. It looks just like it."

Ted Loman says "Now the reason why some us are saying that these could possibly be faked because I've talked with some Air Force people, and they said, there Air Force people again. But they say that, some of these planes, the stealth fighter and some of these other planes can't pull out of a dive that close making some of these turns and angle that they do."

Most agree that the jet in the picture above couldn't have pulled out of that dive, it would have crashed if it was an actual event.

After the show was over I contacted Jeff Ferris and we traded some tapes. Jeff explained how he ordered the Hawkins tape from a mail order ad he saw in a UFO magazine. After he ordered the tape months had passed by without any sign of the videotape! Jeff mailed Hawkins again to remind him of his previous order. Then a tape arrived at his house with two 3x5 prints of what appeared to be models of UFOs and helicopters. I began to study the 2 hour long Mike Hawkins tape over the course of a couple years.


The Videotape