Monday, June 01, 2020
Thursday 30 January 2020

UFO caught on Live TV flying over Oklahoma City 2015.

UFO caught on Live TV flying over Oklahoma City. A highspeed UFO flys by a Casino roof camera during a live news broadcast. Was it a UFO, or a meteor?

Wednesday 29 January 2020

Day Light Disc over Costa Rica

Motorola Razr was working as a carpenter in Coasta Rica when he saw a daylight disc. He stopped and got out his cell phone and recorded a video of it before it shot off!

Monday 27 January 2020

Full Version Nellis UAP Video

The Full Version Nellis UAP/UFO Video including additional research links, the Sightings TV show, the Hard Copy TV show and a stabilization of the video plus a related video.


Metallic Cigar Caught on Tape in the UK.

A metallic looking cigar shaped UFO was captured on a digit camera in the UK. The naysayers say this is nothing more than a solar balloon. The people recording these objects have no idea what it is. We'll take a look at it.


Incredible Latest NASA / ISS UFO Footage - July 2012

One of these NASA UFOS clips looks like a shorter version of the STS-80 mission UFOs. Numerous objects are seen appearing out of nowhere over a lightning storm below. Some of them glow entering the atmosphere and park in orbit.

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