Friday, June 02, 2023
Wednesday 12 February 2020

STS-69 UFO seen changing direction and increases speed!

STS-69 UFO is seen moving in the background. The UFO changes direction and increases speed, as it starts getting more and more interesting NASA cuts the feed again!

Tuesday 11 February 2020

CE5: Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind Compilation

This CE5 compilation was put together from youtube channel TheBeginning IsNear.

Monday 10 February 2020

UFO during live broadcast on Peruvian TV- 2-1-2020

UFO during live broadcast on Peruvian TV. Hundreds of people were out to summon a UFO. Something showed up, they shined their green lasers on the OVNI and object responded and turned night into day!

Sunday 09 February 2020

Purple Disc hoving in the air in Peru - Feb. 10, 2015!

This Purple Disc was hovering for 2 hours over Miraflores in Lima, Peru. This is another UFO spotted next to the Pacific Ocean. Or UFOS getting more brazen or is CGI getting too good?

Saturday 08 February 2020

2013 Aguadilla Puerto Rico UAP/USO

2013 Aguadilla Puerto Rico UAP/USO Video with summary highlights from the full report issued by Scientific Coalition for Ufology (SCU)

Friday 07 February 2020

Cigar Captured in the Banbury England UK - 2018.

There seem to be two types of these cigar shaped UFOs recorded in the daytime.

Wednesday 05 February 2020

The Phoenix Lights Boomerang Objects from 1992!

This object was almost a complete xerox of what happened 5 years later in 1997. This event was captured on November 27, 1992 by a couple in Ahwatukee, AZ.

Tuesday 04 February 2020

Aliens Looking out the Window - Dorothy Izatt

Dorothy Izatt is an grandma in Canada who's been recording UFOs on film for years. Her most contraversial film is where she claims the aliens her film them looking out the window of their craft!

Monday 03 February 2020

UFO Lou's Best Capture

UFO Lou's has been a leader in nightvision skywatching for years. This is perhaps his best capture showing there are no satellites that move like this!


Ovni en Costa Rica December 17, 2019

Here is a fresh UAP/UFO case that just happened a couple of months ago in broadday light. A strange dark disc is seen floating just a 1000 feet in the air.

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