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Cigar shaped UAP over North Korea 3-21-2013


Source UFObook.

On their youtube page they write.

This UFO was filmed at 11 AM at the west side of Wonsan. By request of the author we covered his voice with a "beep". This aircraft doesn't look familiar to us. It could be a UFO or it might be a drone. "UFObook" has finished the project on YouTube.

Interesting video of a cigar that's moving and flew away, that's if this is real. Since the voice was bleeped out for obvious reasons we'll never know for sure if this was a real event or CGI. About 1 minute into the video the Cigar rotates on it's axis then ascends up into the clouds and fly's away.

At first watching this I was thinking maybe this is a US surveillance system from the NRO taking photos over Korea. That's pretty much what the NSA, CIA, NRO, and other government 3 letter agencies do! Perhaps this is one of their top secret drones that takes high resolution photos of everything below. We all know that the US is monitoring North Korean nuclear activity around the clock. How they do that is anybody's guess.

I'm sure the US and other nations are watching North Korea carefully, however I doubt they have Cigar shaped objects that can shoot up into the clouds since there's no evidence to support any such craft exist in the hands of any world governments having cigar shaped drone technology.

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