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Mass Sighting of the "Phoenix Lights" over San Diego 3-30-2020

The Phoenix Lights case is huge in UFOlogy because its a rare event where 2 UFO sightings were combined into the same night, in the same basic location and some witnesses were lucky enough to see both events. If the Phoenix Lights was just the 10 PM event there still would be 4 videos captured of it and that would have ended up on the news and national TV at some point. It probably would be debunked months later and slowly forgotten in the cases of UFO history. But it had atleast 1 or more big black triangles that was entering the state as the flares started dropping. It became a 'super sighting' where I can't even think of any other cases that had 2 different mass sightings within 90 minutes of each other.

I often hear that the 10:00 PM event on March 13 was a diversion for the 8:30 Boomerang/Triangle. I disagree, as the 10:00 PM event had absolutely nothing to do with the Boomerang at all. The 10:00 PM event was a full illumination flare drop. We have collected videos from 1996 of flare drops. The military was dropping flares south of Phoenix in January, February, March, April and May in 1997 alone! This military activity went on for several years and anybody who wanted to see this could just drive 90 miles south of town and see flare drops, along with bombs, missiles and other crazy stuff!

The 10:00 PM event and videos were going to happen with or without that Boomerang because it was the military training. Which brings us to our next chapter in the UFO video world. A xerox of the 10:00 PM event was recorded recently off the coast of San Diego and captured by multiple cameras. The difference between this San Diego sighting versus Phoenix is they didn't have a mile long Boomerang fly down the entire state of California and it would cross paths with the flares dropping.

Video captured by Julio Cesar Vazquez.

When this video starts, you see a 'double' is what we called this light on 3-13-1997. I'm not sure how this works but somehow 2 flares are dropped as a starting marker. Then the rest of the flares are dropped afterwards and they have a typical burn time of about 4:30 minutes.

Skeptics of these being flares say that the lights just hover in the air and don't appear to be dropping. This is mainly an optical illusion that happens because the flares are often 20 miles+ away from the person recording them. Most of the videos are recorded at a 7% elevation off the horizon. In the 1990s I drove right at flare drop and noticed you can't see the smoke until you're about 10 miles away or closer. You can't see the parachute until your around 4 miles away. At this point I was looking up at them with a 70% degree angle and you can tell they are definitely slowly falling from the sky. You just don't notice that if your 50 miles away watching them on the horizon for 4 minutes.

NSFW: There are dozens of F-BOMBs in the video above!

Here is another video of the same event recorded by a different person. Its not rare at all to see some video of these flare light chains and the person recording is claiming to have telepathic communication with the lights. I'd love to interview some of them and ask they how telepathic communication with a pyrotechnic device even works?

Here is a third camera angle of the lights.

The ATC audio below is courtesy of The Black Vault..

ATC traffic from KSAN, (San Diego) at 8:00-8:30 PM on March 31, 2020 MP3

Fast forward to 18:30 minutes it the ATC audio. They military informs ATC they are going to do a "battle field drop, full illumination".

“Raider 28” Calls “So-Cal” operating in the area while doing a “Battlefield Illumination Drop” wherein they stated that, “heavy flares out here, so if you get called about it, its us.”

This case is solved, 100% this is flare drop over the Pacific Ocean. This case has everything needed to be used as a control case to check against all of these orange strings of light starting with my own footage!

This is the video I recorded of the Phoenix Lights on 3-13-1997. It starts out with a double then the string of lights appears. How can anyone doubt that the 10:00 PM event that night wasn't flares???

Chuck Rairden Phoenix Lights Video Stabilized

4 This video Ranks 4 on our ranking system.
While this can explain nearly all of these UAP videos at night showing 2-10 strings of light. It doesn't explain this chain of lights recorded recently by Charnell C. on 1-5-2020.

This is an awesome capture by Charnell C.

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