Friday, June 02, 2023

Tic Tac Sighting Over Cincinnati, Ohio 8-14-2017


Source Ken&Billie's Adventures.

Now that the US Military has confirmed the 'Tic Tac' is a real UAP we need to tag in our database all of the strange sightings of this object since we know this is a valid unknown.

This object was referred to as the Cigar, then the name 'Tic Tac' became popular a couple of years ago. Now the trend is to call of these objects Tic Tacs as nickname.

One thing about these videos is to determine this could really be the 'tic tac' and not just a 737 jet going across the country at 30,000 ft.

There are some cases where a plane is slightly out of the camera range to resolve it for what it is, then the rear tail and the wings seem to disappear. I'll find some footage on my surveillance system of that happening and upload it to compare against possible tic tac videos.

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