Thursday, December 08, 2022

Red Triangular shaped UAP Captured Bogata, Texas 2-17-2020


Source MUFON.

Description of the event:

Random flashing red bright aircraft about 30 feet above ground in air flying right at me going 75 mph and then it hovered over my car for 1 second and disappeared... the red triangle shaped bright lights .

This is an unusual type of sighting for a red triangle. They don't seem to have bright lights this intense on other videos. We don't really know for certain if this is real since names aren't listed, but the video interesting.

There was a bright red flash for about 1 frame. What was the cause of that?

2 This video Ranks 2 on our ranking system.

Triangle UAP South Carolina 8-26-2016.

Here is a video I reported on recently that also has a red light at one of the points on the triangle UAP.

The sightings continue on and the videos slowly get better.

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