Monday, September 25, 2023

Silver Sphere captured over San Diego, California 9-14-2014


Source rick Ybarra.

Rick writes about this sighting.

I took the still with my Nikon d80 with a 270 mm zoom on a tripod. I hand held the video. The craft drifted off to the west and out of sight.

It drifted off to the west and into the dark of the evening. I should have switched to night view on the camera and taken it off of auto focus in hindsight.

It looks like he shot most of this handheld, then later snapped 1 photo of it.

Check out 10:00 minutes into the sighting. The black band of small windows looks be shifting up and down rapidly around this section of the video.

This is an interesting video because after this event years later we learn the 'Tic Tac' has small antennas coming out of the bottom of it. From my study of the blurry 'Gimbal' footage that object might have 2 antennas on it also.

Some people accused Rick of hoaxing this. That's what happens when debunkers who go around pretending they are skeptics run out solutions after they see the high level of detail this case brings. When they face a case that they can't pin balloon, bird, bug or aircraft on it. They resort to defaming the witness and simply claim the person made of this up.

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