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Flying Disc shaped craft filmed over the UK 7-4-1998


Source Beamsinvestigations1

Here is an old video of a structured object hovering in the sky over Weymouth, Dorset, UK by Rod Dickinson.

In this clip they have a special effects expert from Industrial Light and Magic look at the clip and he think its probably real. They also stabilize the jerky handheld video of the disc. This is a must watch clip for people looking for evidence beyond just a light in the sky.

While Rod was recording this the object flew directly over him. Then instead if a slim disc you see the round belly of the object. Rod's image on the lower left. The disc captured in Frenso lower rightFrenso lower right.

Upper right is an object recorded in the UK using FLIR on a police helicopter. The object the upper right is a black Donut recorded inJapan Japan.

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