Monday, September 25, 2023

Red UAP hovering low to the ground and takes off fast in Chihuahua México 7-16-2018


Source LOS BLOGS DE TONY Here is an interesting phone capture. I lurk around the interwebs and read all the time from ignorant people asking the same tired old question. "With everyone walking around with a smart phone in their pocket then were are all the videos?" At this point in UAP research around 80% of all captures are done via smartphones. Not too many people walk around with a full sized camera or skywatch with a professional gear. If you look at the incoming reports at the National UFO Reporting center its common for most sightings to be captured on a persons smart phone. So we have smart phone videos popping up left and right.

Watching this video I first thought maybe this is just so car or construction vehicle near by on the hill. Then it takes off and flys away. What the hell? That color of red the same color that red "Bubba" UFO that appeared over Gilbert Arizona 40+ times back in the 2000s.

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