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2 'Go Fast' Tic Tacs UAP/UFO Captured Over Chandler, AZ (4K Surveillance) 7-6-2020


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I caught these 2 UAPs on my 4K surveillance system. I have 8 cameras that monitor my house and the sky around it 24 hours a day. A few months ago I upgraded one of the cameras to this pan and tilt dome. I mounted the dome 'upside down' so to speak so it can see and record anything that flys over the house. I often check the National UFO Reporting Center for UAP sightings in my area (Chandler, AZ) and then I'll check the playback to see if my cameras happened to have collected any unknowns in the area matching the NUFOC reports.

This camera is recording around the clock even in the 118 degree summer heat. Days and day go by with no activity, months go by and its dead. I often see balloons and record them for 10-20 minutes those types of objects are unable to 'ditch the system'. UAPs are a whole another story as they're erratic and unpredictable flight behavior can 'ditch the system' easily after they are detected. Infact, this is what separates the wheat from the chaff. The video above is pretty much what you'd expect to see if you were looking for a white 40 foot object that hangs out 15,000-30,000 feet and higher.

When all the sudden UAPs show up out of the blue and you have a small window of time to properly capture the event. Often if there's one UAP another is often near by. I have recorded 'Go Fast' phosphorus white object rapidly flying by the camera in the past. I have even tracked them with cameras I can control that can briefly keep up with the UAP. What makes this video different is this is the first time I recorded a 'Go Fast' object that stopped, paused for a bit and then changed directions. That's very, very hard to get properly recorded.

Dealing with the skeptics you can't win with that crowd can ya? You'll say its probably just a balloon. Then I show them this video I shot.

That object is clearly moving hundreds of miles per hour. Oh, in that case then this one's a 'bird'. Its its moving too slow its a balloon. If its moving to fast then its birds. Well which is it? It can be a balloon and also a bird too that's interchangeable. I don't know what it is. What I do know is I've been skywatching for 25 years and that's gotta count for something! At this point I should have the equivalent of a Skywatching Bachelors or Masters degree by now.

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