Friday, June 02, 2023

Long Beach Police Helicopter records a UAP dripping and then it flys away fast!


Source zzentityzz2

This is a weird video.

This police helicopter records a UAP in Long Beach and watching this I'm thinking it must be a Chinese Lantern that's on fire. As you keep watching around 3 minutes in the object decides it's done and time to leave. Then it flys away quite rapidly and leaves the scene. There are a number of these videos on youtube that show UAP ejecting or dripping what looks to be fire. The explanation is pretty simple its a home made hot air balloon and part it caughts fire and starts dropping burning pieces. However, I'm not sure how if that was a Chinese lantern how does it move away so fast?

It seems for every type of UAP that's out there we have Earth made objects that look exactly the same. This makes skywatching confusing because your never quite sure what you're looking at. Is it a just a Chinese Lantern, a balloon or something else? The best practices is just keep recording the entire event until you loose track of the object and examine the footage later.

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