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Long chain of lights captured in Russia 2020 6-21-2020


Source Степан Скворцов

This is a strange clip captured on a cellphone, (which debunkers claim with millions of phones where are the videos) of a colorful line of lights. Looking at this thinking this most likely somebody practicing with a drone formation. However 2 things capture my attention. The green color looks pretty much the same hue of green from the Medellín, Columbia video. The way the lights descend at the end of the clip is another thing that set me aback. While this looks to be and probably is some cool drones. I saw something exactly like this in 1976! Which was my first sighting and a close encounter.

Back then around the time Star Wars was soon to be coming out. My dad took his 3 sons on a fishing trip outside of town. So we were doing some night fishing at a damn when a light exploded above us. The light was like the Sun it turned night into day and was hovering around 500 feet over us. When it appeared a loud bang happened like it had exploded into position. We watched this for a minute or so, then it 'landed' 2 blocks away from us. We knew that location was known as the 'second bridge' further down the river. After the UFO landed these strange colored lights slowly shot up from the location the light landed. There were various colors like you see in this video and they moved the same way. They had no drones in 1976 but they acted much like you see in this video. So when I saw this video I had a flashback to 1976 and I showed this to my brother who was also there and he agreed it's a decent match to our sightings.

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