Monday, September 25, 2023

UFO caught on Live TV flying over Oklahoma City 2015.

Something at highspeed flew by the roof top of the Grand Casino. Was it a UFO? Was it a Meteorite? Whatever it was looks like it was a rapid descent and should have impacted the ground if it was a meteorite.

KOCO 5 News went out to investigate and their report is docked below.

They found no evidence of any impact from a meteorite, but how hard can you search with just a quick news blurb? Did they go door to door in the area and canvas it or use a drone and look from the air for impact damage? Of course not, the local news doesn't have that type of resources to put into a story. So the typical thing they do is contact the local FAA, airports and astronomers and get their opinion on it. They're opinion always seems to come back it's not a UFO and has a Earth bound explanation.

I saw something like this object while driving in California back in October, 2017. I was with my brother driving from LA back to Phoenix on I-10 heading East around 2 AM. Somewhere estimated around Cactus City we saw a white light appear suddenly heading from right to left. There wasn't anything else to look at being in the desert any car or aircraft caught our attention to stay awake. This object at first we thought was a jet heading from LA towards Phoenix was descending rapidly. Then I noticed it was strange and looked like a jet might be in trouble, but there were no red or green or any flashing lights, just a white glow and crash landing on the freeway about 6 miles infont of us. Whatever it was it was going to hit the ground at its current velocity within 10 seconds.

I knew my brother was staring at it too and I yelled 'Get your camera out!' and we each reached in our pockets for our cellphones. As we did that it accelerated and arched up as it took off. Then it was gone in seconds.

It was much like this video on the casino, a white missile looking object traveling fast at night. We've never seen anything like that before and haven't since, but that sold me on putting a dashcamera in my vehicle so next time I have some proof of what we saw!

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