Monday, September 25, 2023

Jacksonville, Florida 12-08-2016 UAP Visible only on million dollar FLIR device


Source Dave Falch

Dave Falch is a FLIR expert that takes apart, repairs and fixes million dollar government classified FLIR systems. He is not using a rifle scope like some of us are using. He's using the gear that gets bolted onto the sides of jets and helicopters. Dave has a rare ability to go out and test the FLIR equipment against common objects such as drones, birds, bats, balloons and anything debunkers like to say what a UAP is. Dave can do a comparison of their claims and see if that's really the case. In some tests he debunks the claims made of amateurs video game debunkers who don't even own a FLIR rifle scope.

In this video he shows you an example of a commercial jet, a balloon, birds, a drone, dead pixel, the Moon, Venus, even the Sun and a UAP.

Check out Dave's Youtube channel that explores all kinds of FLIR and UAP related cool stuff. Dave Falch

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