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Incredible video of a Saucer shaped UAP captured in Oklahoma on 5-26-2017


Source UFO HUNTER Joey Franko

This is simply an incredible capture by Joey Franko. Infact he has quite a few awesome captures so check his channel out for more videos like this.

On this video he sees a UAP with his thermal scope and as it rapidly flies away. He asks it to come back and it does! The UAP then hovers over him for a bit and you can see it dart off with instantaneous acceleration.

The debunkers are throwing everything they can stick at the wall to discredit Joey and his videos. Saying he's filming bats or birds, but he goes out and records birds and shows you that looks and flies much different than UAPs.

I don't know what the objects are he's recording but they are worthy of more study and he's showing what's he's doing is repeatable. He's doing real field research and UAP science unlike the trolls on twitter.

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