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High Speed UAP Captured in Tampa, FL 3-11-2018


Source Ismary Sosa

In this case we have a red UAP with a double light that's blinking on/off and then it darts away rapidly!

Here is another UAP video from Tampa on a different date, 08-26-2019.

Rich Winslow captured what looks like an exact match. So we're on to something now! That's why this stuff goes into a database that we can cross check later on. Sometimes we can solve and ID the UAP, sometimes its just a mystery.

So, I know what most of the viewers are probably thinking. That's a drone bro!

That answer would be your most likely logical answer to the Tampa, FL UAPs were seeing here.

However, this exact take off pattern was done by 3 dozen 'Bubba' red UAP sightings in Gilbert, AZ back in the early 2000s. I know I recorded it do this nearly 30 times, so many I lost track from the blizzard of UAP sightings we had back then.

Below is a video of the 2 'Bubbas' in the sky interrupting air traffic as jets coming from LA are turning around to land at Skyharbor Airport and the 'Bubbas' were messing with the jets, by being directly in their landing paths. Below is a video when 1 of the UAPS blinked and shot away. Then the other blinks and shoots away. This predates drone quadcopter technology. But that don't mean the sightings are interlinked.

The Florida cases could still just be modern day drones and it's one hell of a coincidence they are doing what other red UAPs have done before drones were a thing.

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