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Phoenix Lights Boomerang captured in Yucay, Peru 5-13-2021



Even though I didn't see the 8:30 boomerang on March 13, 1997 I met dozens who did. This video looks like it might be the same object depending on if its the same size. Whatever this object is its not making any sound at all.

There's no strobe lights on this aircraft, no doppler effect, no sound.

If you watch the 3 lights line up at .18 in the video to .28. The lights moved from a vertical alignment to horizontal. That right there is the 'hallmark of the boomerang'. The 8:30 boomerang from the Phoenix Lights also shows the lights undocking and moving around the aircraft. Whatever is in this video is the same phenomenon as what happened in 1997. Amazing this rare and large UAP is still around.

During Phoenix Lights boomerang sighting, there was a report that one of the bright lead lights in the front of the aircraft maneuvered and docked in the back. In this clip, we get to see that in action!

At .55 you'll see 2 bright lights on the front of the aircraft. Watch carefully the light in realtime moves to the back of the aircraft and merges with the other light.

There is some great data in this short video if you know what to look for.

The modern UFO community is/was upset that during the Phoenix Lights there were dozens of videos of the object. Which is understandable but people were in a bit of a shock when they saw this and even if they did manage to get it on tape. It would just end up looking like this video. Some lights moving around. I really wish somebody recording this could flip their cameras into nightvision mode.

Below is the only video of the Phoenix Lights boomerang so you can compare the videos.

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