Friday, March 24, 2023

Metallic UFO Appears Live On Morning News Broadcast

During a live broadcast a Metallic Mexico City look UFO flys by the live camera and the woman anchoring the news sees it and gets very excited a UFO is live on TV!

Above is the Mexico City 1991 famous solar eclipse sighting that was caught on multiple cameras. Back in 1995-1997 I saw these type of UFOs all the time. I recorded them on and off for years. I had heard about UFO wave in Mexico and when I moved to Phoenix I figured that UFOs are probably around here too. Do you think they just stay within Mexico and won't fly over the US border to Arizona? In 1995 on October 8th I recorded a very, short clip of one of these Hockey Puck looking discs. It was my first capture in Phoenix on a camera I rented from a video store. That was enough to caught the UFO bug. From there I worked as much overtime as I could to save up my money and buy my own cameras to document this activity.

This clip above is the first time I've seen the Mexico City looking disc in many, many years. It seems that UFOs change with the times. It seemed like that model was phased our or just flys so high its seldom captured anymore, but here is another one of them.
I would recommend visitors this channel download all of these videos from Youtube from Keepvideo or one of those download sites. These videos on Youtube just randomly disappear down the memory hole.

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