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Tic Tac Darts around Chandler, AZ May 15 2022 4K Capture "The M Video"


Source Tom King

I was skywatching when I noticed a new swarm of UFOs started flying around the clouds. I managed to capture the object around 11:00 AM. I recorded a couple of minutes of video before I lost track of it. The object was strange and would fly around in various directions. Stop and hover and then dart off again.

About 15 minutes later it fly right be the camera again and this time I was a bit warmed up on tracking it and it flew around doing 'race track' patterns as you'll see in the video.

The video above contains another sighting of an UFO dropping down from high above before it darts off. After that it runs thru the May 15, 2022 video again but this has 5 areas where I used software to trace the flight path of the object.

I managed to get about 5 minutes of video of this object until I finally lost track of it. I noticed that when a UFO event like this happens it comes in a swarm of 5-10 objects that fly around in random directions.

What I did was use some software to trace where the UFO was on screen to reveal how it flys and look for patterns. At the end of the video the object flys in a "M" pattern and does this twice at high speed within just seconds of each other. To me this says a few things.

This object was under intelligent control to write an "M" like this. Only a drone or a UFO is even capable of something like this.

How could a bird, balloon, grocery bag, debris write an "M" twice like this?

The object also looks like it bounced off the sky and does a 180 reverse turn that would be impossible for any person to go thru the G forces. When the object is blown up and watching it stabilized it looks like rotating debris actually. IT DOES NOT LOOK like a saucer.
Going thru the archives here I noticed I had already have the "M" video posted except it was recorded 7 years earlier in Australia and watching it. Its the exact same thing.

Source colourufo

Well what do you think? Leave your comments below and if you know of other videos like this, please contact me.

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