Sunday, July 14, 2024

NASA UFOs from nowhere!


This is one the strangest NASA anomalous clips I've ever seen. I'm not sure what to make of this. People I've shown then too pretty much have the same theory. Its either all UFOS or it none at all!

This has to be just frozen ice crystals around the Shuttle or we have more UFOS than we can count. Somewhere the truth is probably going to be found somewhere in the middle. Some of these videos might be able to just nothing more ice crystals, but not all of them can be explained away. Even more strange is there is no curiously out of NASA. On rare occasions the camera operator will zoom in on the strange objects. Usually they'll just move the camera to show the boring cargo bay. All that does is force the audience to stop watching. They are literally pointing the camera at a wall at this point. Just think about it. It cost almost a billion dollars to launch a shuttle mission and with the limited time its in orbit. Why would you point the camera at a cargo bay? What possibly can be learned from that? Why wouldn't you keep the camera always pointed towards the planet, the stars, any thing other than the empty cargo bay. Its like NASA way of giving the finger to the public.

We get to see this because of the hard work of Martyn Stubbs. His channel is worth subscribing too and looking over.

That's a clear pattern seen from STS-48 all the way up to the end of the space shuttles service.

So if this is just nothing more than frozen ice backlit by the Sun. Then why the deliberate pattern of not zooming in? No mention of the objects and moving the camera off them, if they don't outright just cut the feed or switch cameras? Where is the scientist that supposed to be deep inside of these NASA employees?
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