Friday, March 24, 2023

Aliens Looking out the Window - Dorothy Izatt

Dorothy Izatt is an grandma in Canada who's been recording UFOs on film for years. Her most contraversial film is where she claims the aliens her film them looking out the window of their craft!

This is is from TV News show Hard Copy, who over the years covered and/or broke nationally some of the biggest UFO cases from the 1990s. They covered Aliens Shooting wars from STS-48 in the past. The leak of a UFO caught on military cameras the Nellis Range and now this.

If you have Amazon Prime you can watch a documentary on her for free!

The Aliens Looking out the Window clips 20:00 minutes into her doc.

Here is a more recent Aliens Looking Out the Window video that was submitted to MUFON.

This video could be anything, and when I get a moment I'll run it thru the video stabilizer!

This is another supposed sighting from Kibbutz Hatzor, Israel in 1996 of 'aliens looking out the window'.

The 'aliens looking out the window' from Turkey does have a match with the Dorathy Izatt aliens. However it's too blurry to make any better details as the videos remain a curiosity of your stereotypical grey. I did some work on the Izatt copy from Amazon prime, and used some software to image stack the greys. It didn't bring out any further details as the image is too soft to bring out more details. Perhaps a 4K scan of the negative might yield more data points from it.
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