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UFO during live broadcast on Peruvian TV- 2-1-2020

UFO during live broadcast on Peruvian TV on February 1, 2020. Hundreds of people were out to summon a UFO. Something showed up, they shined their green lasers on the OVNI and object responded and turned night into day!

Watch this video first to get an idea of what happened. Then watch the entire clip below to see it uncut.

This no doubt was a real event. Hundreds of people were there and recorded what happened so you can rule CGI out of the equation here.

This story is getting some press coverage. El misterioso avistamiento ocurrido en Chilca durante la ‘vigilia ovni’ de Viaje a Otra Dimensión

This shows another angle of the event in a 7 minute clip.

Beach angle on the water.
So what do we have here? We have 200+ people outside with cameras summoning a UFO. An object appears in the distance, the crowd shines it's lasers on the UFO (a federal crime in the US with guidelines of 18-24 months in prison), then surprisingly the UFO lights up the sky and shines it's lights back! This must have been an amazing thing to witness, thinking you have made contact with the pilots of the UFOs.

That would be an amazing thing and a huge cornerstone in the UFO field. If that's what actually took place. This case is only a week old and more digging has to be done because all to often in the UFO field the rug is pulled out from under you time and time again.

What was the object shining that powerful light? A UFO? Or more likely a helicopter, a drone or a boat with a high powered flashlights? We don't know yet, but that's something that should be easily repeatable and cross examined if that's what we're seeing here or it rules that out.

At this point the believers say the UFO is actually in the sky and it can't be a boat on water. The other side that denies the existence of UFOS says it's probably just a boat. Its too early to tell until more videos are collected and analyzed. To say its a boat or a UFO this early on is jumping to premature conclusions. Which both sides the believers and the debunkers don't hesitate to do what Stanton Friedman said "investigation by proclamation".

This is another live broadcast with a UFO in it. Back in the 1990s I can't recall any cases of UFOs photobombing live TV.

Peru has been a hotbed of all kinds of strange activity for years. From this gas station surveillance video of a supposed humanoid.

Peru is home to the famous Nazca Lines. Nazca Monkey

They had this disc sighting in 2015, infront of Congressman.

UFO IN LIMA PERU: April 13, 2015

This is another interesting case out of Peru and expect followup reports to come in the future.
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