Friday, June 02, 2023

STS-69 UFO seen changing direction and increases speed!

STS-69 UFO is seen moving in the background. The UFO changes direction and increases speed, as it starts getting more and more interesting NASA cuts the feed again!

NASA might get away once with saying this all ice crystals but they can't explain away all of these videos of anomalous objects in space! Since when does debris change direction?

Maybe someday we'll get the truth of the matter out of SpaceX, Blue Origin LLC, Virgin Galactic or any of the other dozen private space companies. We are not going to get any truth out of NASA.

Video credit to Martyn Stubbs.

I tracked the path of the object and it does sharp turn, again it's blamed on ice and a rocket thruster yet the screen doesn't show camera rotating from it at all. Maybe people would buy more into the ice theory if they simply just zoomed in and showed us instead of acting guilty and cutting the feed.

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