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STS - 48 All UFO Events # 1 - 6

Most people have heard of the Space Shuttle STS-48 UFO video before. They will typically recall from the UFO that it had made a sharp turn and then flew into space just to be narrowly missed to be shot at from some type of weapon on the ground. This footage was first aired on Hard Copy talking about a war in space. There were several different events throughout the STS-48 mission of strange UFO activity. Dr. Jack Kasher did an in-depth study of the first 4 of the following events several years ago refuting NASA’s claim stating that these objects are merely just frozen ice.

Event #1

In this short clip anomalous objects are seen moving in every direction. The person operating the camera seems disinterested in the event or possibly its NASA’s policy to move the camera off the objects as the camera is pointed into the cargo bay, where nothing exciting ever happens.

Event #2

This is the most famous of all of the STS-48 clips. The object in question suddenly appears at (minute 1:30), as if it had just left Earth and is now entering low orbit. It tracks from right-to-left near the horizon. Then a flash comes from the bottom part of the screen and the object reacts doing a very sharp turn and flying into deep space. While this is happening 2 streaks of energy or -meteors leaving Earth if you will- are heading towards the general direction this object was previously in.

We're told by NASA officials this was just a thruster on the shuttle and that it had blasted a tiny piece of ice away that's next to the camera. While that excuse might wash with that object but what about the following (Event #3)? What about the meteors seen leaving the Earth? What accounts for that? Crickets....

It looks more like a scene out of the Empire Strikes Back, where the Ion Cannon was shooting off rounds at Star Destroyers in orbit.

Event #3

This clip is one of the strangest out of all of them. There are more of these streaks or meteors flying by and if you look closely it looks like the UFO that flies from the lower left part of the screen to the upper right is being systematically targeted by the 'meteors' or alien weapons fire. This is probably the best copy of this clip online to be found. If you look closely you can see a 'meteor' that flies from right to left at (minute .24) into the video and it looks like 2 small pieces were shot off the back of that UFO which makes it seems like somebody or something is firing some weapon towards it.

It's hard to believe that so many 'meteors' just happen to be going after this UFO. I took a very close look at the section where the 2 pieces came off of the object. The best I can determine from the video, is that it looks like the object may have ejected, or simply lost a portion of itself as the 'meteor' streaks past it. It does give the appearance the object was hit by the 'meteor' and a chunk flew off the back. Yet, that chunk actually came off before the 'meteor' passed closely by it.

Event #4

This clip I posted online well over 20 years ago from the OVNI Chapterhouse before becoming I nicknamed this clip the 'worm footage.' The cameraman is interested in this object, and in the video it looks like there is some organic lifeform that's struggling or moving below the shuttle.

Other events from the mission came to light after more researchers ordered copied from NASA to study for themselves.

Event #5

This clip shows various anomalous objects moving around at different speeds and all moving in different directions. No flashes or thruster fire is seen to be the cause of these objects moving around.

Event #6

In this clip you can see many objects being ejected from the shuttle. It does appear like small pieces of ice could be just falling off as the shuttle moves 17,5000 MPH around the Earth. However, if you watch the clip below that traced the motion path of 1 object, that object had changed its direction.

Event #6

The strange object changes direction as the motion path of it is traced by LunaCognita.

So what do you think. UFOs or ice crystals?

I can see ice could explain maybe some of the objects but not all of them and when the thruster fires the Shuttle don't rotate in the slightest agree. Maybe if NASA didn't act so guilty by moving the camera off the objects routinely parking it in the cargo bay. Then having their attack dog Jim Oberg go out and insult anybody who has a differing opinion from his own we'd have an ounce of trust in NASA. This is space agency has never had a sterling reputation with people in the UFO community and it never will.

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