Friday, March 24, 2023

UFO seen only on Thermal Camera Object Not Seen in Visible Light Camera

This video was brought you by Rob Freeman UFO World Explorer. He captured this on June 17, 2016 in Wales, UK. Rob travels the world from UFO hotspot to UFO hotspot with an array of awesome and very expensive equipment you'd want to use. He's one of the rare people skywatching with a thermal camera system.

This is the thermal camera clip of the UFO, you can see they are aimed at the same cloud but there is no UFO to be seen in the color version.

This is the daytime camera clip, you can see they are aimed at the same cloud but there is no UFO to be seen.

This clip combines both the color and the thermal captures into a split screen.

The recent revelations about military pilots that can seen these UFOs on their radar but can't see them visually until they switch to F.L.I.R. makes me wonder if that isn't the best way to hunt them? Thermal cameras are quite expensive and very few people are skywatching with them. So far some of the best video evidence we have is from the military thermal cameras of these objects.

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