Monday, September 25, 2023

Infrared Capture of a UAP cruising along, it hovers and then suddenly shoots up into the clouds!

This is an interesting capture from an IR Skywatcher.

I remember this skywatchers channel not so long along. Now it's set to private and the IR videos are gone! Ugh!

What happens on the internet don't often stay on the internet and gets deleted for various reasons.

But I found the video out of the haystack that is youtube by this researcher TheBeginning IsNear. He also saw this video go offline.

The chain of how this video came to be takes a hit credibility wise as far where is sits in the evidence for UAPs. Now we don't know who originally recorded it, no original audio and if this even real and not CGI. The footage is just the solid not evidence we'd like to see in good UAP cases for documentation.
If you have an interesting capture online keep it online so others can continue to study it.
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