Monday, September 25, 2023

Pair of Cigars Captured in West Virginia and the Ukraine in the past 4 months!


Long time Skywatcher extraordinaire Chris Miller captured these two phosphorus looking objects on November 3, 2019. Chris uses a very expensive Sony cinema camera with a good array of lens. Chris has captured some incredible stuff back in the 1998 period.

This what Chris had to say about this video.

2 UFO's flying together over WV Nov 3 2019...caught on 4K video... one has a contrail , but both do not have wings...they look exactly alike. similar to other objects I have filmed in the past. spherical bright light.

Then 3 months later another skywatcher in the Ukraine captures the same thing!

Video captured by Cihan Gök on Feb 24, 2020.

It looks like they both captured the same thing. Its hard to say if this is miltary or UAP. What Chris recorded was pretty high up in the sky and its flying over the US and Eastern Europe.

Image below on Left and Right credit: Chris Miller
Image above on Left and Right credit: Cihan Gök

This object is typically seen as a glowing cigar flying solo. Now we're seeing them in pairs. If you know of more videos like this or have recorded it yourself contact me or leave a comment on here!

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