Monday, September 25, 2023

Fast Walker doing 300+ MPH over Fontana,LA (12-15-2019)


Captured by pond Dude on Dec 15, 2019!

He zooms in on the object then zooms out and frames the shot as I have outlined below in red.

Its almost like he's expecting it to dart to the left. (Which it does rapidly). As a film maker I see he has framed the shot and the object travels into the area he seems to expect? Maybe I'm reading too much into these videos but this looks like a video of demonstration of something your expecting to happen.

That's my gut feeling watching this video. As the guy who recorded the "Phoenix Lights' I realize my gut is usually wrong most of the time.

It looks like a real event.

He zooms in, gets the object in focus, then pulls the zoom out? Why?

He waits for it to do its thing.

This is the area he recorded this video.

pond Dude writes: "Rancho Cucamonga California pacific electric bike trail right near Fontana".

This video looks like the other videos people are recording on their cellphones of an object that's stationary. Then it takes off at rapid speed.

Video capture credit Leonardo Giusti on 2-21-2020.

Great capture by Rich Winslow on 08-26-2019.

So we have 3 captures of these types of events in just a span of 9 months. There is probably more video out there of these type of events which all were recorded on cell phones.
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