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Large Triangular UAP Captured in Toledo Ohio 9-26-2017!


Video captured by Chernobyl Cult.

He writes about his capture on youtube.

Standing outside and I noticed a strange light in the trees. We got a good shot of it after it came out. Toledo Ohio 43609 3:17am

About a year he captures the object again.

Photo credit below: Chernobyl Cult.


This recording was on 3-7-2018 at 11:35pm.

About this capture he writes.

I saw this object hovering in the distance and chased it down in my car. It was hovering over the Hidden Harbour neighborhood on Angola. I see this craft quite often.

You can see the object gliding right and left. This video is a bit grainy but it clearly shows the same type of black triangle even down to the small red light on the under belly of the craft. After studying all of these videos its safe to say this is one large aircraft and not a bunch of lights in formation.

One of the key takeaways from these type of sightings is the black triangle is often seen flying near tree top level. This object is often described as large as four football fields. Regardless of it size it's atleast the size of your average 737 or larger. So if this is a convention jet or a 'fake plane' doing test flights. Why is there no sound? It's extremely dangerous to fly large aircraft like this at tree top levels. Most of the videos of these captures shows the object so low its often going behind some trees. You never see any commercial jets flying that low unless they're either taking off or landing for an airport. Big jets just don't go on flying around at 1,000 ft. So that is a tell tale sign you're seeing something out of the ordinary.

If the triangle is not at tree top level then it's typically seen around 10,000 feet. If this is a military test it's got to be the longest test in history. This aircraft has been seen and recorded for over four decades, going back to atleast the Hudson Valley Sightings in New York. If this is US military property the only reason you'd make a large object like this is deliver bombs. This don't look too stealthy with the aircraft lit up like Christmas Tree. So the debunkers just think it's just a jet trolling people at tree top level or its military. This 'weapon platform' if it's military wasn't used in the first war in Iraq. It wasn't used in the second war in Iraq, nor Afghanistan or any of the dozen of countries the US has been smart bombing for four decades this thing has been flying around.

Chernobyl Cult has the right attitude if we want to figure out what this thing is. If you happen to come across this object, recording it alone isn't good enough. We know what it looks like, we know about how big it is and how many lights are on it. In order to solve this, the person recording will need to get in their vehicle and attempt to chase this down and get underneath it and record it from the closest vantage point possible.

I've done this before, back in the 2000s we had a red UAP showing up 2-3 times a month in Gilbert, Arizona. I had recorded this object so many times that I decided if/when I see it again. I'd get in my car, chase the UAP down, drive under it and setup a tripod and record it the best I could. The first video of this hot pursuit of 'Bubba' is embedded below.

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