Monday, September 25, 2023

Fox Denver Mile High mystery: UFO sightings in sky over Denver


Not all new agencies are slackers who report stories and use their 'gut' to tell them what the UAP likely was.

Local Fox channel 31 in Denver took a hard look into these high speed objects captured by a local Denver resident.

Mile High mystery: UFO sightings in sky over Denver

They actually applied the scientific method.

1. Observation.

2. Make hypothesis.

3. Test hypothesis.

4. Study the data of the test.

5. Draw Conclusion.

6. Report the result.

The local news typically don't touch UAP stories until its 'sweeps week' when their ratings are tested. Then many contact MUFON or anbody who talks to go on camera with a UAP story and it's a mixed bag as far as consistent reporting results go.

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