Monday, September 25, 2023

SOLVED: UAP Sphere Captured over Tulare County, California - 2-1-2020


Video capture by jusdafide.

Interesting capture that really could go any direction. It could be just balloon tethered to the ground or it could be a UAP. The video is great but its brief and we can't really determine 100% what this is. We know there are round UAPs with no signs of their propulsion systems. In the world if UAPs is not clear cut with they all being disc shaped or looking like the 'sports model'. UAPs can be as small as a baseball or extremely large in the mile long range.

Part 2 of the video.

Below left California, right Poland 2018.


Once again great video analysis work by GetOnThisPlanet

There was a case in California where a guy recorded an object like this from an angle more below the object. Later a helicopter flew up to the object, then the helicopter flew away. That more or less means the helicopter flew up to it, saw it was a remote controlled object and flew away. This could be that object flying around again. If you happen to be the next person to come across a UAP. Do your best to try to drive under the object safely. If you don't later on while watching the video you'll regret you didn't take the opportunity to do everything you could to resolve what it was.

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