Monday, September 25, 2023

Metallic Cigar Caught on Tape in the UK.

This metallic colored cigar was recorded in HD in 2011 by a person in the UK. The cameraman was sitting in their backyard and noticed this object. He says it was a windy day and has no idea what it is. The video is a bit shaky and is a good contender for stabilization.

The debunkers say this is merely a solar balloon. For those that don't know a solar balloon is heated up with air and controlled like a kite on a string. But compare the colors. The object above looks silver not black at all. The solar balloon is longer and thinner the object above.

While its a good armchair jerk reaction to explain it away its not a match. It doesn't look exactly the same and it doesn't behave the same way.

You can see the balloon is a there mercy of any breeze and it's going to give you a wavy effect.

I spent about an hour in After Effects stabilizing this video. Then looked around for a better copy of this footage and found many other researhers have stabilized this well.

Credit Youtube channel: SolidMnd

My stabilization work turned out almost an exact copy of the footage above. I don't know what this is but I'm not ready to write this off as just solar balloons because this object has been recorded many other times. When you start looking at multiple sources from around the world all capturing an almost exact type of white cigar on their cameras.

Then there is something more here then kited balloons.

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