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Disc shaped UAP flying over Korea - Sep 23, 2012


Source I don't know if the person above captured this video or simply found it and re uploaded it.

This has all the classics of great UAP video. The object is moving way to fast to be a balloon, it looks disc shaped at times at other times it has the 2 black dots we have seen on confirmed UAP videos recorded by Homeland Security with FLIR cameras. This looks like what I used to see and record back in the 1990s but I could never get good resolution using amateur VHS cameras. I'm sure TV producers would be interesting in putting footage like this on their never ending parade of UFO shows. In most cases we do our best to track down who filmed it so they not only get credit, but they'll available if somebody wants to license their footage for television shows.

The video below is 25 years old! It looks like the same disc shaped object moving extremely fast.

Above left the 'alien ant head' look from this Korean video, above on the right from the Puerto Rico 2013 FLIR video.

Once we have a good set of confirmed UAP videos, you can then go back through the entire database of the internet and pull out what matches from all UAP videos going back several decades. At the slow pace of good videos coming out here or there it takes years to have a massive database of these objects so you can sort out what's really a UAP and what's explainable.

This video is a match for John Bro's 1995 video. John invented the Solar Obliteration technique back in 1995 and was featured on the TV show Sightings embedded above.

Image credit below: John Bro

This object flew by his camera so fast it only registered on 2 frames. Below are the 2 frame grabs. Its a classic disc shaped UFO with a black rim around the canopy. It looks just like the Korean video!



Johnbro3 Johnbro4

So we know John's video is legit, so is Puerto Rico 2013 video. So if we find some of these same details in other videos, they you can almost confirm another video to the group of known UAPs.

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