Friday, June 02, 2023

Sphere UAP Captured on 5-31-2009


Audio is NSFW!

No information about where or who recorded this video.

Which sucks because more anon videos are not what the community needs. I'm interested in this video because it has some details in this capture. Even though we don't have any details on the video and it's brief. The objects a match against other UAPs. Below to the left UK Police Helicopter records 8 minutes of a UAP on FLIR. 9-23-2016 below left the 2009 unknown capture.
Above to the left Silver Sphere in the sky Aborbs another UAP - Gębice, Poland 5-19-2018.

Video stabilized by StabilizedUFOVideos

You can see when the object rotates it has more of disc shape then a sphere. It's easy to mix them up!
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