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Disc shaped Object Recorded over Niterói, Brazil - Jul 17, 2019


Video captured by karoline ramalho on her cellphone.

This video looks like many of the other disc shaped objects captured on cellphones and cameras around the world. This could even be the world famous Gimbal disc caught on a person's phone. The military said there are fleets of these things flying around. They can go from a hovering state to instant acceleration so fast you can't even see it take off.

Lot's of skeptics always make this straw man statement.

"With everyone on the planet having a smartphone, where is all the evidence of UFOs"?

Just show them this link . UAPs Captured on Cell Phones

That will shut some of them up. I'm sure many will proclaim they're just fake. I don't believe there is conspiracy of people around the planet all faking footage of the same looking objects. Discs, big triangles, small orbs of light, cigars and on and on.

The image left and right above were captured by other people, but the it looks like the same object that was also captured in Brazil. This object definitely is not a balloon or set of balloons floating around. We don't know they are for sure but we can rule out balloons.

Video stabilized by GetOnThisPlanet

The image stabilization makes it appear like the dark object is shifting left and right as it moves downward. This could be an optical illusion because the computer locked down the leaves and it's actually the leaves moving left and right that was transferred into the object motion after stablization work was done.
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