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Groups of UAPs captured using F.L.I.R. 2017


Not many people are skywatching using thermal scopes or F.L.I.R because they are insanely expensive. There's only a handful of skywatchers that took the plunge and spend several thousand dollars for a thermal scope to look for UAPs.

You have Rob Freeman and there was Joey Franko, above who recorded a number of videos using a thermal scope. I wonder what happened to this guy? He was posting videos on youtube all of the time, and then for some reason he deleted his entire youtube channel. WTH!!!

The video embedded above was saved by another researcher. Rob and Joey inspired me to also get a thermal scope and start looking for UAPs.

I had my eye on a thermal scope for about a year and when it came time to buy it at the last minute Amazon suggested a newer version that had a slightly higher resolution. So I bought that scope and did some skywatching with it for a few weeks. I decided that scope wasn't a good fit for my system. This scope didn't have an HDMI port so I couldn't hook it up and watch it live on a 55 inch TV. It also had batteries built in it you can't remove, so after a few years the battery will deplete and the thing would be a brick. So I returned the scope (it cost $150.00 just to ship it back) and was going to buy the one I had originally planned on getting with an HDMI port and removable batteries. Then Covid-19 came along and demand for thermal devices went up and the price skyrocketed. So now I'll wait until they go back to normal (crazy prices) then buy the scope I want.

One thing I learned with my first scope is don't listen to anybody who don't have a thermal scope because they don't know what the hell their talking about. If you record things like Joey has, debunkers will just say it's all balloons, birds, bugs, or accuse you of faking it with after effects. How the hell would they know what a balloon or birds look like on thermal since they can't afford it and don't skywatch anyway with regular cameras. What Joey recorded weren't birds and these aren't balloons. I don't know what these are but I know what they aren't.

UAPs might be able to visually cloak but they can't hide from thermal. They might have advanced technology but they can't hide the heat they are giving off

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