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Spherical UAP over Gębice, Poland 6-30-2017


This is a really good capture from Gębice, Poland and released by Grupa obserwacyjna. This is very clear footage of a sphere hovering before it just disappears inside of a thunder storm.

It would be nice if we knew the name of the person who recorded this or better yet, and interview him/her on camera. Otherwise it's suspect as a possible CGI job. I look at footage like this and think why would you not want to take credit for that video?

Images below left and right frame grabs from this capture.

Images above left Sphere UAP Captured on 5-31-2009, right UK Police Helicopter records 8 minutes of a UAP on FLIR. 9-23-2016. They do match the Poland video, but a silver sphere is a silver sphere so they should look the same. However sometimes you can notice this ring or outer look area around these captures.

This video and many like it would rank higher if they just posted the full name of who recorded the event. Good evidence needs a trail of finding out who recorded it. I could see why people wouldn't want to put their name on phony videos, I can't understand why they don't want to be part of a real video? The ridicule factor from the debunkers really isn't a thing anymore. Now that the US military has admitted these UAPs are real the tables have flipped on flat Earther debunker people who will never admit they were wrong. Be proud of your UAP captures and show them with pride!

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