Monday, September 25, 2023

UAP Captured on a boat in Veracruz México 9-23-2018


Source: Esteban Gross Calderón .

On his youtube page he writes.

Filmed a series of short and consecutive videos while sailing in Lake Catemaco towards Crocodile Island towards the Catemaco pier, you can see an unidentified Flying Object in the shape of a diamond that apparently changed color between black and purple gray The sighting was from Approximately 10 min in September 2018 the object disappeared behind the hill shown in a photograph at the end of the video.

Here's one you don't see often. A UAP video shot on a boat! It looks like he sort of was going towards the object. You can see the UAP is quite large and rocks a bit from left to right. It's another 'Gimbal' looking UAP and it's about the proper size for the Gimbal object. Unfortunately these videos never show these objects doing rapid take offs, or flying maneuvers that are unconventional.

What this object does seem to do is hide in the Sun. You filmer ends up using his Sunglasses to try to find out where the UAP is at. This is first time I've seen a person using the 'John Bro Technique' on a boat!

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