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UFO Lou's has been a leader in nightvision skywatching for years. This is perhaps his best capture showing there are no satellites that move like this!

In this video a UAP comes down from the upper corner of the screen and flys down the lower corner, stops and reverses its direction of travel. This of course is not a satellite and when you use systems as much as Lou has. You learn as you go watching nightly footage of what's a bird, what's a jet, what balloons look like on this system. I hear the word bats thrown around as an explanation to explain just about anything picked up these systems that doesn't fit into the satellite category.

Lou uses what's known as the P8079HP! This is a first generation night vision tube that comes out of a retired UK military tank. These tubes are on Ebay and the surplus market for about $100 each. Lou made a video on his channel on how to very cheaply attach any camera to one of these tubes. This started a Skywatching movement of hundreds of people, including myself building one of these systems. The P8079HP is actually 3 first generation night vision tubes stacked one on top of each other. The end result is slightly better than 2nd generation night vision but not as good as 3rd generation night vision systems.

Lou's easy to build system is pictured below.

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