UFO Aguadilla Puerto Rico November 1st. 2013

Most researchers have heard of the Aguadilla Puerto Rico UAP sighting captured by a Homeland Security aircraft on April 25, 2013.

What might be related or help shed some information is a video posted by a person on the island who recorded this in Aguadilla. He recorded his video at 9:32 PM which is coincidentally around the time the UAP was seen previously in April which happened at 9:20 PM.

Credit to TVOPR. He says about 10 of these objects flew past them before he started recording this on his phone. Then a 3 more of these objects flew by a he recorded them. These objects match the description of what happened on April 15, 2013. Those objects were described a pinkish or red in color. Those were also small objects that were found to be between 3-5 foot, flying around 80 MPH and must have had object avoidance technology so they didn't hit any trees.


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