Phoenix Lights type of sighting - Mile long strange lights over Bossier City, Louisiana 1-5-2020


This is an awesome capture by Charnell C.

She's tells her story about her recording on her youtube page.

" name is Charnell and on January 5, 2020, I came home and saw a fleet on ufos flying towards my apartment complex. I live in Bossier City, Louisiana, down the street from Barksdale Air Force Base. I see and hear airplanes all of the time out here, but these were not airplanes. They had no sound and moved very slowly. They had lights that changed to different colors. I was hoping that they came straight towards me but they veered towards the right of my complex as they flew by. This is not the first time that I have witnessed strange things in the sky, but these were not airplanes. I grew up in Houston, TX near Hobby airport and I am very aware how loud airplanes can be. Please tell me what you think about this video."

Photo credit: Below left and right Charnell C.

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