Day Time Disc Tempe, AZ SVHS Capture 4-6-1996


Video captured by Tom King.

I started hardcore skywatching in 1995. I didn't own a good camera, so for a while I rented VHS cameras until I could save up enough money to buy something to use. I ended up buying a SVHS camera that looked a bit like a news camera. I skywatched almost every single day for 3 years in a row. I didn't care at all much that it's hotter than hell in Phoenix, Arizona. I'd skywatch typically from 11 AM to about 2 PM. I'd usually skywatch pointing up at a 70% angle because the objects are closer to you. I lived in Tempe, AZ from 1995 - 1997 and only had a small area for a yard to skywatch in. That's all I needed because this small area of sky was very closely examined.

I had a 60 inch TV back then and I'd sometimes have the camera out on a tripod zoomed into some clouds. I'd watch it on the TV and if I saw something moving across the screen I'd run out side and try to man the camera. That composed of about 10% of my skywatches. The other 90% of the time I'm out running the camera and looking around.

On April 6, 1996 I got lucky and filmed 2 different UAPs doing the 'John Bro Technique". That in a nutshell is blocking out the sun using your roof then you zoom into corona of the Sun looking for objects hiding next to Sun. The technique works but you'll get thousands bugs. However from time find UAPs sometimes park around the Sun. On this day I was recording and hoping to lucky (pretty much every skywatch).

All of the sudden a large white phosphorous object looks like it growing then shrinking and growing comes out from the side of the roof. I yell to my girlfriend "I got one over cloud" as soon I said that, the object changed direction. It was going from 9 o'clock position to 6 o'clock. After yelled to my GF, it headed towards the nearest cloud and I lost track it. I kept skwatching and about an hour later another UAP just like the first was spotted it's so large you can see it in the wide angle shot. Both UAPs are flying at couple hundred miles per probably around 20 foot in size.

Back then I was seeing these things about once or twice a month and almost always recording them too. I had turned over all of my footage to Village Labs. Jim wasn't into this Mexico City stuff and didn't really have time to study it. He handed my footage over to the local news.

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