The Top recorded in Sao Paulo, Brazil 6-14-2018


Doing more digging around I'm finding more videos of the Top outside of Puebla, Mexico where its typically seen. Here is another video of it Sao Paulo, Brazil recorded by Denis Daeco. Another couple of videos I tracking down reported this object is about the size of a small car. I had thought it was a somewhat larger object like possiblly a hot air balloon but the object is too small to even lift a single person. In this video the Top has the same yellow bottom part of the cone. The top of this one looks red where some of the other Top videos have a metallic or silver color and some are blue. Its probably just a matter of time until more HD or 4K video becomes available to study.

Most of these Tops have 1 or 2 rims around them and they made up of spikes for some reason. So it's interesting that we see the same basic looking Top in video after video. But they are a slightly different by the number of spikes going around it, and the color varies. UAPs are much more fun to study when you have details to look at rather than blobs of pixels like most videos out there. These Top videos all need to be stabilized and carefully examined against each other.

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