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About first started out as the OVNI Chapterhouse in 1995 on a dialup netwrx.

Tom King moved to Phoenix like many other people in 1995. But he saw Jose Escamilla on TV and planned to see if any UFO activity was around Phoenix, AZ.

Tom rented a video camera and captured something that looked like the Mexico City Hockey Puck. He met a friend who taught him HTML and FTP and they started updating live UFO reports in 1996. Eventually we outgrew that site and moved onto this domain around 1996.

The website pioneered many things in the UFOlogy.

Around 1996 I was one of the few UFOlogists that even had video capture equipment. Back in the 1990s not many researchers has the ability to capture a VHS tape to digital media and there was no streaming available back then. Never the less I was able to upload videos such as .mpgs of a UFOs the same day it was captured on tape.

That was pretty much unheard of back in 1996 since only investigators poured money into buying the needed hardware and software. I believe we were the first website have a nightly live camera on an active UFO hotspot in Chandler, Arizona in 2000.

We try to post the best credible UFO evidence we can find. We don't always get it right and sometimes we might post something that later has a mundane explanation. When we discover this we update the record on any case where that is needed.

The website thanks all the contributors who have worked hard over the years providing their time and expertise to help us attempt to solve one of the biggest mysteries humankind has ever tried to unlock.

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