Sunday, July 14, 2024 Ranking System

After watching hundreds or maybe thousand of UAP videos from VHS to digital I have come up with a ranking system. This system will be used to determine what value a video has to the UAP community. A rank of 0 or no rank at all means the video has no credibility and it's basically useless other than optical details it might contain. There are many great youtube channels that are popular and useful to study the UAP phenomenon. Some of biggest youtube channels often have collections of videos supposedly sent them by others. The system below can be used to determine what's a good video or what's useless in the study of UAPs.


1 point is given if the person who recorded the video gives their real name to identify who legally captured the video. Internet handles don't quality, it must be their full legal name.


1 point is given if the original audio is uploaded with the video. Surveillance cameras or scopes that don't record audio are exempt and given 1 point. Nearly all other cameras record audio. If the original audio is not uploaded it's considered deception on the part of the person who captured it. Sometimes the audio is not included in the upload because it's hiding the entire truth of the story. This happens often if the persons lying about the event, or they were drunk during the capture or somebody talking during the event is debunking the event. If they don't include the audio 99% of the time they are hiding something that actually debunks the entire video.


1 point is given if the person recording the event actually saw this with their naked eye other than using the camera.


1 point is given if the event was captured by multiple cameras, meaning possible triangulation and other vantage points.


1 point is given if there's other physical evidence such as the object was recorded on radar, ground trace evidence, electrical interference, radar jamming and so on.

Obviously the best videos to study are going to be the videos that rank 3 points and higher. Videos with no points are often fake viral videos that are typically 30 seconds long and designed as click bait for youtube revenue. The internet is full of crap like this we do the best we can of look for credible videos to study.

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